Tax & Accounting

Reventon Adds Up

Reventon’s highly-experienced accounting team provides our clients with astute and technically sound advice that’s timely, practical and strategic.

Our accounting and tax specialists will keep you on top of all changes to tax, super and financial reporting and identify and reduce your tax risks. The long-term view we bring to each and every one of our advisory relationships ensures that we establish the right tax models to achieve your long-term growth strategies.

Accounting services we provide include:

Preparing & Lodging
Your Tax Return

Tax time can be daunting so leave the stress to us. Our team is across changing tax laws, and will actively identify and reduce your tax risks as well as establishing the best tax minimisation models for you.

Small Business
Tax Concessions

As a small business you’ve got access to a range of concessions covering income tax, GST, PAYG, FBT and CGT. We make it our business to understand all of these and develop tax concession solutions that deliver maximum benefit to your small business.

Capital Gains &
General Tax Planning

Capital gains tax can be complicated. Working out how to carry losses forward or how to account for profits calls for expert help. As does general tax planning. Our expert team will ensure you maximise advantages from any asset sales and that your broader tax strategy delivers maximum benefit.

Fringe Benefits
Tax Returns

Whether it’s changes to the FBT rate, the non-profit capping threshold or salary sacrificing, our team will help you put the ‘benefit’ into fringe benefits tax.

Business Accounting

Tax compliance and reporting regulations are onerous, time consuming and complex, with seemingly endless compliance issues and the constant threat of penalties. Our experienced accounting team can deal with these in an authoritative, cost-effective and timely manner, which allows you to get on with the business of business.

Payroll Tax

Australian state and territory revenue offices conduct countless audits and investigations every year to ensure employers are payroll-tax compliant. Our team of experts will keep you on the right side of tax laws, and away from nasty fines and audits by ensuring you include all liable wages, declare all fringe benefits, claim all your exemptions, lodge on time, and more.

PAYG Summary

At the end of every financial year everyone who worked for you must receive a payment summary showing what you paid and what you withheld. Let our capable, professional team take care of all your PAYG Summary Statements’ obligations to keep your operations 100% compliant.


We’ll help you meet all your federal government legislative and licensing requirements. Our industry experts will keep you compliant across the latest changes and developments to this ever-evolving area of legislation.

Business Activity

As a small-business owner you can spend hours every week dealing with BAS, which is valuable time you could have spent growing profits. Let our trusted bookkeepers and ATO-registered BAS agents handle your BAS hassles so you can just get on with business.

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