The Reventon Team

Over 250 years of collective industry experience

Supporting thousands of Australians. Led by integrity, quality and passion.

Our Team

Chris Christofi

Founder and CEO

Tim Graham

Chief Operating Officer

Penny Votsaris

Chief Financial Officer

Billie Christofi

Finance Director

Marcus Walford

Sales Director

Lydia Li

Head of Accounts & Payroll

John Mayers

Head of Property Management

Mars Hana

Head of Finance

Christopher Stylianou

Director and Partner, CHC Planning

Donna Batziris

Team Leader, Client Services

Mark Donovan

Property Consultant

Gary Limardiono

Head of Accounting & Partner

Shayla Barbary

Client Services

David Lawson

Senior Mortgage Broker

Dean Spanos

Senior Mortgage Broker

Rishi Saurabh

Senior Mortgage Broker

Ed Barr

Mortgage Broker

Bontu Hassan

Client Services

Alexa Chatfield

Team Leader, Property Management

Jules Ninh

Senior Paraplanner, Financial Planner

Linda Taylor

Senior Property Manager

Olivia Kajkic

Property Manager

George Nicolaou

Property Consultant

Mustafa Kahraman

Client Relations Team Leader

Munira Fakatava

Client Relationship Officer

Ada Chau

Client Relationship Officer

Christos Theodorakopoulos

Client Relationship Officer

Pukhraj Gill

Finance Coordinator

Lachlan Morrie

Business Development Manager

Amy Kayani

People and Culture

Julie Bui

Accounts & Payroll Officer

Varsha Saddler

Brand and Communication Officer

Cara Elliott

Senior Property Manager

Nathan Waters

Content Sepecialist

Kliment Kovaceski

Mortgage Broker

Thy Nguyen

Senior Loans Processor

Rhianna Everard

Loans Processor

Mark O Riel

Client Relationship Officer

Nikki Harris

Financial Coach

Jonathon Kasapadis

Executive Assistant to CEO

Michelle Drozdzowski

Administrative Assistant

Leah Nathan

Client Relationship Officer


All of your services under one roof

We have bought together some of Australia’s finest financial, investment and property companies to ensure that, whatever your wealth building goal, Reventon can deliver it from start to finish.

Our partners and associated companies


CHC Planning Solutions

CHC is a close partner company of Reventon and was created by our CEO and Founder Chris Christofi with Directors Harris Hadjiharalambous and Chris Stylianou.
CHC specialise in risk insurance, superannuation, self managed super funds, and investments. They are experts in financial planning and advice, offering tailored solutions that meet each individual’s specific financial needs. Like Reventon, CHC takes pride in offering only the best products, services and investments available in the market today to help clients make better financial decisions for their futures.
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AKTIV Property Management

Aktiv Property Management is a close collaborator with Reventon, supporting our property investment services.
Led by Managing Director Ben, AKTIV provides an exceptionally high level of service with in the property management area. With a focus on guiding clients to achieve long term security and growth, AKTIV supports Reventon with client support and management.
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Women & Wealth

Women and Wealth recognise the true potential of a woman and seek to inspire women to take action. We empower women to seek financial freedom to live the life they choose. Our symbol is inspired by the flower of life; the overlapping of circles signifying the true nature of women; forever blooming. We believe that as women invest to build their own lives; they re-shape the circles of lives around them. Our purpose is to give women the right tools and techniques to design the life they want to live.
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Message from the CEO

‘We work tirelessly to create a positive experience for our clients as we help them to secure their financial future, so we’re overjoyed to be recognised with these awards.
‘We’ll continue to secure opportunities for our clients and we send them our heartfelt thanks. Without them, this sort of recognition wouldn’t be possible.’


Chris Christofi, Founder & CEO of Reventon